Think for a moment about the decisions you make, every day. Simple and hard choices. Important choices and silly ones. What you want to do, who to see, where to live, work, and go. 

Now think about how you would feel if you had no right to make choices. If someone else had the power to tell you where you have to live, who you can spend time with, or what you can spend money on. Would you feel free?

But, that’s exactly what can happen to people with disabilities when they are put in a guardianship. When a person is put in a guardianship, a court takes away his or her rights and gives them to someone else. We believe in a way that keeps people in control of their own lives, making their own decisions, while giving them the help they may need. 

It’s called Supported Decision-Making. We sat down with Laura Butler from and discussed Supported Decision-Making (SDM). Check out the recorded webinar.