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The Zembrodt Education Center (ZEC) was created to give people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) opportunities to reach their highest potential educationally, residentially, socially, and vocationally. An extension of the Point Arc, ZEC strives to increase growth and support for individuals and families in the Greater Cincinnati region.

What’s New

Alternatives to Guardianship

Allowing disabled people to keep their rights and make thier own decisions using Support Decision-Making

PEERS is Back

In-person classes are now available!

Meet Our Team

Members of the ZEC team strive to use their expertise to help the education center reach their goals and better serve families.

Brandon Releford

Brandon Releford

Executive Director of Education

Oversees the Zembrodt Education Center operations, programming, and community partnerships.

Jill May

Jill May

ZEC Social Coordinator / Case Manager

Leads get-togethers with same-age peers for conversation, games, snacks, and events inside and outside of the center. 

Regina Watts

Regina Watts

Activities Director / IT Manager

Plan weekly activities such as basketball, bowling, softball as well as dances and week-long vacations out of state.

Shannon Chalfant-Jones

Shannon Chalfant-Jones

Content Specialist

Creates marketing materials, helps coordinate events and manages the website and social media sites.

Katie Lanham

Katie Lanham

Transition Coordinator

Manages Transition Programming, including Pre-Vocational & Career Exploration classes and Summer Work Experience.

Laura Gentry

Laura Gentry

Social Communication Coordinator

Teaches skill building related to social interactions and time management and runs the PEERS program.


ZEC is committed to providing first-class activities, programs, and support for all individuals and families, regardless of financial means. We rely on the generous support of members in the community to offer our services to an often underserved and overlooked group in society. Please consider donating to ZEC to help us continue our critical mission.