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104 W. Pike Street

Covington, KY 41011

Members 25 & Older

The Activities Program offers a wide range of activities for members 25 & older to meet new people with common interests while increasing social skills.

Monthly Activity Opportunities:

  • Movie Night
  • Craft Night
  • Game Night
  • Dances (currently on hold due to COVID-19)

Seasonal Activity Opportunities

  • Bowling (Fall – Currently on hold due to COVID-19)
  • Basketball (Currently on hold due to COVID-19)
  • Softball (Summer)


Vacation Opportunities

  • Nearby short weekend trips and week-long trips around the country are available throughout the year. (Currently on hold due to COVID-19, but planning for 2021)


  • $75 annual fee
  • All vacations and some activities require additional costs
  • Ask us about scholarships and additional funding options